About Grace Alwyn Ashworth

Found Films is headed up by Writer/Director Grace Alwyn Ashworth. Grace graduated from the Northern Film School, UK in 2006. She has directed various films including narrative, charity and client promos. She has helped to promote various companies through video marketing. In 2015 she directed a cinema advert for Dragon’s Den winning company Accentuate. In 2018 she set up production company Found Films. Her latest short film ‘A Dunder Plunder’, has received Official Selections at Broad Humor Film Festival 2019 - USA, Oaxaca Film Festival 2019 - Mexico and Bolton Film Festival 2019 - UK. It was awarded the People’s Choice Award at Indieflicks Film Festival 2019 UK. 

Grace was awarded a place on the Raising Films Writing Residency 2019.  She is currently writing her first feature film ‘The Feet at the Foot of the Fells’.

For more information on upcoming Found Films projects get in touch.

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