'Grim' Short Film - Filming Summer 2022

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A suicidal man's plans to end his life are thwarted by the presence of a mysterious stranger with seemingly sinister motives.



When Sam, 30s, liberates his brother Daniel’s ashes and heads to a disused viaduct to end his life, his plans are halted when he meets a seemingly evil man, Grim. Sat together on the viaduct edge, Grim taunts Sam and impatiently tries to get him to move along with his suicide attempt. Shocked by this (and quite frankly terrified), Sam adamantly denies he’s feeling suicidal. With a cold morbid fascination, Grim ignores Sam’s denial and persists in asking Sam for his reasons for ending it.

Director's Statement

In the UK approximately 6,000 people die by suicide each year and many more will make a suicide attempt. Men are three times more likely to die by suicide than women. But sadly suicide is often a topic in society we choose not to discuss. First hand I have witnessed the effects of suicide and poor mental health in those I am close to. I write comedy because life can be bleak and I never want to add to the darkness, I only want to shine a torch on it. By making a film about suicide (albeit a shady one) I want to raise awareness about suicide and the importance of talking about mental health issues… even if it’s with the Grim Reaper. To try and find balance I have been working with The Samaritans media advisory team to gain advice on the script, and the production has gained backing from mental health organisation We Are Hummingbird. The humour in this piece is served like a crisp winters day, cold and dry.

Attached Crew

Producer - Håkan Carlsson

Written and Directed by Grace Alwyn Ashworth

Director of Photography - Heather Crompton

Production Designer - Robyn Saunders

Editor - Matthew Gray