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'The Weight of Our Travels' Short Film

Our latest short film is currently in Post production. Set to be released in January 2019.

A Found Films & Puzzle Piece Film co-production.

The Weight of Our Travels is a short fantasy film. The story takes place in the world of the travellers. Theirs is a world both wild and barren. The travellers grow and gain memories from this world that take a physical form, which they choose to store inside sack-like objects called carriers. Athena has been travelling for many years and her age and experience has led to her carrier becoming vast and a great burden to carry. As Athena traverses the lands, she is stalked by The Forgotten: Nightmarish creatures that exist to steal the contents of a traveller’s carrier. Athena must surge forward to keep ahead of The Forgotten, because if they succeed in capturing her carrier Athena will cease to exist; her identity will be completely erased.

The Weight of Our Travels Screen Pic.png

About the Director:

Danny Helme is an independent filmmaker from the North west of England. He studied filmmaking at the University of Kingston, achieving a First Class with Honours on graduating in 2015. His last short film 'Television' was screened at the BFI Southbank.​

Screenings, Nominations and Awards:

Oaxaca Film Festival 2019 - Oaxaca, Mexico

Short to the Point International Film Festival 2019- Fantasy Film Award Nomination

                                Find 'The Weight of our Travels' on IMDB

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