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'Grass of Parnassus' Short Film

'Grass of Parnassus' Short Film - 2011

A lonely farm girl's day brightens up when she catches a glimpse of the new farm boy. Determined to engage with his attention she sets about dancing around the barn he is working in. To her delight he returns her advances and responds to her with equally enthusiastic dancing. Enchanted by each other the farm girl and boy dance through the farm yard and out into the fields. Beyond the sunshine and tall grass we learn what fate waits for them as darker picture is painted.

Farm Girl - Steph Westray

Farm Boy - Sean Chard

Farmer - Andrew Pratt

Produced by Nadia Jaynes

Written and Directed by Grace Alwyn Ashworth

Director of Photography - Phil Wood

Choreographed by - Sarah Gough and Nicola Boyes

Production Designer - Kat Hale

Editor - Matthew Gray

Sound Recorded by - Mat Holloway

Sound Designed by - Ben Collinson

Music by Invisible Cities

Screenings included:

North Carolina Film Festival 2011

Limelight Film Festival 2013

Wickerman Festival 2012

LIFE Festival 2012

Preston Guild Festival 2012

Soundstripes Short Film Night 2018


‘Best Film’, ‘Audience's Choice Best Film’ and ‘Best Director’ at Limelight Short Film Festival 2013

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